Discounts after Christmas

Winter discounts in Greece usually lasts from 15 January to 27 February. The size of discounts can reach enormous dimensions up to 90% for some product groups at santorini day tours all streets of the city are filled with noisy crowds of people that are hung with numerous bags with brand names clothing. People are immersed in the wave of shopping with joy and enthusiasm. Sellers are no less happy, they are going to cover their costs of the previous months. Even with the discount it is time for them, it is real professional holiday and the simultaneous opportunity to get rid of the commodity, which could not find the owner for a long time.
In this sense, the buyers should keep eyes open: there are often models from the collections before last season among discounted items, or those who have any defect. Decent shops, however, are doing everything to prevent such incidents. And marked-down items due to the presence of a imperfect goods are always in a separate corner, under an appropriate inscription, informing the buyer that the goods are imperfect.
A feature of the sales season is the fact that small and medium-sized shops and retail chains has usually make significant discounts on products up to 60% from the outset. Chain stores and supermarkets begins their promo Marathon with very small amounts, which increase in the middle of February.
Standard rate discounts on the clothing is kept at 60% per cent, but in some cases may be as high as 80%. In the small shops there is a possibility to get an additional discount during the payment. Discounts on electronics are up to 50% on average, and up to 20-30% on household goods and furniture.
Large stores and retail chains often try to attract customers with all sorts of shares, as well as through a variety of lotteries, bonus coupons, flyers. Everybody is involved in the fight for the visitors and modern technology: some stores have their own websites that offer to purchase goods over the Internet (while making the appropriate discount) and even by SMS sent from mobile phones.
Summer sales
Summer sales in Greece starts in mid-July (roughly the 15th day of), and lasts until the end of August. Sales is also associated with the holiday season. Therefore discounts during this time are additional incentive to visit shops. During this time shop owners that are already tired from the heat of the Greek summer, are ready to make their customers the real refreshing gifts in the form of substantial price reductions.
Summer sales of past season clothing and footwear collections are always good idea for both customers and shop owners. The cost price drops up to 30-50% on small items and household appliances. Large chain stores prepare the most enticing credit conditions for new customers at this season.
In recent years, discount season starts earlier than usual. The fact is that the state is interested in trade and regulates the start of seasonal sales, helping stores to understand marketing. Therefore, bright windows of Greek stores begin to talk that discount season is approaching in July.
Those who want to catch their best offer, we can give two pieces of advice that may seem contradictory, but if you want it is blended. On the one hand, consider that the range of commodity in the beginning of the season and in its final phase differs significantly. Of course, the stocks are much richer in the first days of discounts, whereas by the end of the season everything will be sold. On the other hand, the biggest discounts can only be obtained in the last days of sales. So decide for yourself what strategy to follow in this matter. Good luck!