Discounts in Greece

Winter and summer except seasonal joys — snow-covered mountain with skiing in winter, the luxurious beach holiday on the shores of the warm caressing sea in summer — brings additional positive. It is hard to find a person who does not love to receive gifts. And you’ll hardly find a woman's heart that does not tremble when the magic word «discount» sounds. Out of the land of dandies and ladies, who would not have followed every new season sales. Shops, decorated with the words «discount», «sale» or «εκπτωσεις» (in Greek - «eksptosis») become cherished oasis in a long journey of shopping. Discounts in Greece are a new trend of tourism, becoming more and more popular every year. Thousands and thousands of shoppers rush in the season of discounts here. They are professional hunters in the jungle of shops, that can find beautiful things and many high quality products from both the luxury brands, as well as from a mass manufacturer in abundance of discounts.
Twice a year the brisk trade in Greece experience a consumer boom. Twice a year, in winter and in summer, local shops are full of bright sums with a percent sign, and all sorts of enticing inscriptions in Greek and English. The meaning of this can understand everyone, regardless of whether he knows foreign languages: there is a time of sales in Greece! The time when the clothes, shoes and accessories can be purchased at a significantly reduced price, as well as household appliances, electronics, furniture and other goods of various kinds.
How not to go broke during the season of discounts? You can use psychological and practical advice to customers during sales:

  1. 1. You should buy only what you really need. Make a clear plan of what you personally need purchase, and what you should buy for the needs of the family.
  2. 2. Pay attention to the quality of the purchased goods. Look carefully to see if it is defective.
  3. 3. Rate and the market price of the goods you are interested before starting the discount. So it will be easier to understand whether the proposed discount is as great as it seems not really the first glance.
  4. 4. Don’t forget about the fact that the goods with discount will not be able to return after the acquisition.
  5. 5. Keep in mind that buying via plastic cards entails a high level of rates. So don’t get carried away with their use, as well as buying on credit: not drive yourselves into debt slavery.
  6. 6. Monitor extreme billing threshold when you are paying by credit card: exceeding it, you run the risk of overpaying.
  7. 7. Do not forget to take a cashier's check in the commission of each purchase, as well as instructions for household appliances and other supporting documents.

For stores that violate the rules of the work in the season of sales the prosecution and punishment including imprisonment or a fine of from 0.5 to 3% of annual turnover is provided. According to Greek law, stores and retail chains are prohibited to disseminate any information about future promotions in 30 days before the sale: about the shares, the size of rebates and other offers.